Latex Free Lash Adhesive

Latex Free Lash Adhesive



Directions of use:

brush a layer of glue onto the lash band.Give the lash a good waft for 30-60 seconds or put to one side until tacky. Apply and let set completely for another 60 seconds! , you’re good to go! You may notice this glue takes a little longer to get sticky or need extra drying time This is because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like the latex. But it’ll be your best friend after extra drying time.


Important information Our Latex Free glue is non toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan and completely safe to use, however we would always recommend patch testing lash glue 24 hours prior to using, this can be done at the back of the ear. If you find you have any irritation please discard and discontinue to use.




Ingredient  Polyamide Resin 1%> -Cyanoacrylate 90%
Polymethy - Metacylate 10% 5ml